Friday, July 07, 2006

New Corazon Latino Silver Jewellery Blog

On this blog it is our intention to bring you plenty of great information about silver, how to care for your silver jewellery, and other precious metals too.

Here is a little about us and what we do...

The Story Behind Corazon Latino

My sister Claire & I set up Corazon Latino in April 2005. I had been travelling around the world, working in International Sales & Marketing & studying languages for fun, Claire was working in the UK. We were both pretty fed up with our jobs & really wanted to find a way to work together & have a bit of fun from 9 to 5.

I was in Mexico studying Spanish at the International University in Cuernavaca. While I was there I met a young jewellery designer & was incredibly impressed by the quality of his work & the originality of his pieces. He took me down to Taxco, where some of the best silver jewellery in the world is made for some of the biggest names in silver jewellery. I can't think of anywhere better to make our jewellery.

The artisans of Taxco are some of the most skilled silversmiths in the world, producing stunning hand-made pieces in a vast range of designs, they are also capable of making anything for anyone using techniques developed over hundred of years.

Realizing that they could make pieces to order, I asked the designer if his artisans could copy a lovely antique gold bracelet I had (a christening present from my grandmother) with a matching necklace.

And that was where Corazon Latino was born…

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